Child Protection and Safeguarding

The English Shotokan Academy (ESA) is committed to ensuring that those working with children and vulnerable young people adopt the best practice to ensure the health, safety and welfare of both participants and staff. The Association will endeavour to ensure the highest standards of care for all members, coaches, volunteers and any other connected people by:-

  • Applying the Sport England guidelines for child protection.
  • Adopting and applying the Sport England guidelines for Health and Safety.
  • Adopt and apply a ratified Child Protection Policy
  • Ensure all coaches are aware of their obligations with regard to Child Protection and Health & Safety issues, along with being conversant with the current Child Protection Policy.
  • Ensure all coaches are DBS cleared.
  • Applying best practice coaching methods at all times.
  • Holding regular meetings with coaches / volunteers and providing regular updates.
  • Adopting a grievance and complaints procedure to ensure grievances and complaints are recorded and promptly dealt with in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Adopting a Zero Tolerance policy towards bullying, poor coaching practice, indiscriminate behaviour or unacceptable behaviour from anyone involved in the running of the Association or Affiliated Clubs.
  • Ensuring that all participants enjoy the right of practicing their martial art in an environment that is free from intimidation, harassment and abuse.

    Download ESA Child Protection Policy.