Members' Code of Conduct

Members are encouraged to be open at all times and share any concerns they have about any aspect of ESA activities, either at club or national level.

As a member of the English Shotokan Academy, you are required to abide by the following rules:

  • Member must purchase an annually renewable ESA Licence.
  • Dojo membership / training fees must be paid in accordance with Club agreements / arrangements.
  • Members must abide by club rules and standards of dojo etiquette.
  • Members should show respect for coaches and elected representatives who make decisions and take actions in the interest of the membership as a whole.

Members must display a mutual respect for fellow club and association members and strive to maintain high standards of behaviour.

  • At all times, members must be cognisant of the welfare and safety of others.
  • Members should maintain high standards of personal appearance and hygiene, dress in clean karate gi or other attire appropriate to the activity.
  • All jewellery must be removed prior to training sessions. If it cannot be removed, it must be taped over and made safe.
  • Members should make every effort to train regularly and consistently. If any member is unable to attend regularly they should inform their Instructor or Club Secretary.
  • Members MUST inform their instructor of any illnesses, injuries, disabilities or weaknesses prior to training so that appropriate coaching can be given that does not exacerbate those conditions.
  • Never smoke, consume alcohol or take drugs immediately before or during training or associated activities.
  • Members should refrain from using foul or abusive language while involved in club or association activities.
  • Unless there is a medical need (e.g diabetes) and the instructor has been informed, members must not chew gum or consume food during any training activity. Whilst liquid refreshment is permitted, it should only be taken in appropriate breaks given by the instructor. Leaving a class to take liquid refreshment is not permitted.

Junior members should remain in the dojo at the end of the session and assemble in a designated area until collected by a parent or guardian. Correct dojo etiquette should be maintained whilst waiting.

Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians

Parents / guardians are encouraged to be open at all times and share any concerns they have about any aspect of ESA activities, either at club or national level.

Parents / Guardians of junior English Shotokan Academy members are required to abide by the following rules:

  • Never force your child to take part.
  • Encourage your children to learn the rules and abide by them.
  • Discourage unfair or unsafe practice and arguments with coaches and volunteers.
  • Support your child’s involvement and help them enjoy their karate.
  • Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results.
  • Never punish or belittle a child for making mistakes or losing in competition.
  • Publicly accept officials judgements.
  • Never use foul or abusive language towards coaches, volunteers or officials.
  • Follow correct procedure if you wish to discuss any matter with club or association officials.
  • Set a good example to your child.
  • If you are unable to collect your child and have arranged for someone else to do so, it is imperative you notify club officials in advance. Remember, club officials will not necessarily know relatives if they turn up unannounced.