Dojo Etiquette

  1. Always arrive, change and be ready to start on time.
  2. Remove all jewellery before training as it can cause injury to yourself or others.
  3. If you arrive late, change & warm up in the changing room. Kneel at the dojo entrance until asked to join the class. Make a full kneeling bow before rising. Move quickly & quietly to your place.
  4. Every time you enter or leaving the dojo always bow to the centre of the room as a mark of respect for your place of training.
  5. To start and finish each session the class will line up facing the Instructor, in grade order with the senior grade on the Instructor's left.
  6. Following the Instructor kneel down, left knee first, cross the feet and sit back on the heels. 
  7. On the command SHOMEN NI REI place your palms on the floor and make a low bow, keeping your eyes forward, to honour the dojo. 
  8. On the command SENSEI NI REI bow again to honour your teacher. 
  9. On the command OTOGA NI REI bow a third time to acknowledge your training partners. Remain kneeling until told to rise.
  10. If it is necessary to leave the dojo during class, first inform the instructor. On your return wait (see 3 above) until asked to rejoin.
  11. Do not smoke at any time on the premises.
  12. Do not talk or chew gum during training.

 Ask reasonable questions when necessary, otherwise remain silent.