Licence & Personal Insurance

  • Membership of the ESA is available through affiliated clubs, and to appropriately graded individual adults.
  • It is a requirement of membership of the ESA that all members carry personal insurance, this is affected through the ESA Licence.
  • All membership, insurance and license fees are renewable annually.
  • You should ensure that you take out a licence at the earliest opportunity. While you are unlicensed you are uninsured and this means that you personally may become responsible for any injury claims made against you.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you renew your license before it expires. Students that are uninsured must NEVER do partner work as their insurance status also affects that of their partner, therefore your Instructor may have to prevent you from taking part fully in training sessions if your license has expired.
  • Members whose license has expired may not take part in ESA events such as training courses and competitions. A license check may be carried out at the start of ESA events.
  • License application forms are available from your club instructor. The Form should be completed and returned to your Instructor or Club Secretary.
  • In signing the application form you agree to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the ESA.
  • Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to the English Shotokan Academy.