The Organisation of the English Shotokan Academy

The ESA is a fully constituted association, with democratically elected officers dedicated to the continuation of the traditional values and practices of Shotokan Karate, as passed on by Steve Cattle and Sensei Kase. The ESA maintains strong international links with the KSKA.

Executive Committee

The ESA is run by Executive Committee, all of whom are elected by the membership. Executive members stand for a two-year term of office and are eligible for re-election at the end of their term.

ChairmanMichaylo Fedyk(7th Dan)
Vice Chair and Technical Development OfficerGeoff Beasley(7th Dan)
General SecretaryRob Willis(5th Dan)
Ian Gillis
(5th Dan)
Affiliations OfficerRoger Hooton
(5th Dan)
Licensing Officer
Sandie Hopkins
(4th Dan)
PR Officer
Kathleen Codd
(2nd Dan)

Technical Committee

Technical direction is given by a Technical Committee comprised of senior instructors/grading examiners, of whom most are members of the Kase-Ha Shotokan-Ryu Karate-do Academy.

Michaylo Fedyk
(7th Dan)
Geoff Beasley
(6th Dan)
Alan Armstrong
(6th Dan)
Steve Thompson
(6th Dan)
Roger Hooton
(5th Dan)
Rob Willis
(5th Dan)
Yvonne Doyle
(5th Dan)
Ian Gillis
(5th Dan)
Sandie Hopkins
(4th Dan)
Paul Mendham
(4th Dan)
Lesley Fedyk
(3rd Dan)

Grading Examiners

The Technical Committee is supported by a group of qualified examiners who implement the standards set by the Committee. The examiners fall into two categories: National and Club Examiners, based on seniority, experience and qualifications.

National ExaminerMichaylo Fedyk(7th Dan)
National ExaminerGeoff Beasley(7th Dan)
National ExaminerAlan Armstrong(6th Dan)
National ExaminerRoger Hooton(5th Dan)
Club ExaminerSteve Thompson(6th Dan)
Club ExaminerRob Willis(5th Dan)
Club ExaminerYvonne Doyle(5th Dan)
Club ExaminerSandie Hopkins(4th Dan)
Club ExaminerPaul Mendham(4th Dan)
Club ExaminerLesley Fedyk(3rd Dan)