The Dojo Kun

The 'dojo kun' are, basically, the rules of the Dojo. These rules were laid down by the Okinawan master of Karate, Sakugawa Shungo. He based these rules on the Chinese rules, which date back to the era of Bodhidharma. The rules were recited at the end of every training session by the highest grade student, then repeated by the other students.


Hitotsu, jinkaku kansei ni tsutomeru koto.

Hitotsu, makoto no michi o mamoru koto. Hitotsu, doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto.

Hitotsu, reigi o omonzuru koto.

Hitotsu, kekki no yu o imashimuru koto.

English Translation

To seek the perfection of character 

To follow the path of truth 

To cultivate the spirit of effort 

To esteem etiquette 

To admonish brute courage