Sensei Steve Cattle 6th Dan (1947-1995)

Founder of the English Shotokan Academy

Steve Cattle started martial arts at the age of 12 in York, with Judo in February 1960, after 10 years he had gained 2nd Dan. Later in 1962 he also began training in Karate under the tutelage of Gordon Thompson, at the first karate club in York. He was awarded his Shodan (1st Dan) by Sensei Enoeda five years later. Steve went on to become a member of the British team in 1966 until he stopped competing in 1989. Sensei Kase awarded Steve his 6th Dan in 1994

Steve Cattle died suddenly in 1995 but his legacy continues in the association he founded, the English Shotokan Academy. 

The senior E.S.A. instructors all trained with Steve and his advanced teaching methods are still being used and passed on today, together with those of his teacher Sensei Kase. Steve was a very well known and highly respected Karate-ka and as a former British Champion and member of the British Team for 25 years, winning many major titles, he was renowned for his phenomenal speed and superb fighting spirit. However it was his depth of study of Shotokan Karate Kata that made him a bunkai (application) expert. As Steve put it, the movements in the Kata are "the heart and soul" of karate, something the E.S.A. continues to put emphasis on.  

Tribute to Sensei Cattle