Julian Mead - St Helens Feb 2017

The senior karateka of the ESA maintain the concept of learning from all forms of martial arts practice. This train of thought was conceived by the late and great Sensei Steve Cattle who created the Butokukai an all styles organisation with the aim of learning from each other and forging friendship and mutual respect.

Sensei Mead was a key member of the Butokukai.  The ESA executives have strived over the years to maintain the link with Sensei Mead and share his exceptional knowledge and martial skill in both karate and weapons training.

The day's training course was organised by Sensei Michaylo Fedyk and held at the SKK Judo Dojo Newton-le Willows.  It was a continuation of a session delivered by Sensei Mead at the ESA 2016 Residential Event.

Delivery of Weapons Kata Maezato - (tekko / knuckleduster) and related kumite application was the theme for the day.

The session was delivered over a 4 hour period at an excellent pace that allowed karateka to maintain a strong level of application and at the same time absorb the extensive information shared for each area of practice.

An extensive warm up commenced, followed by a sequence of blocking and striking techniques related to use of the tekko and practised in the form known as Ski Kata.  Great attention was given to the combined and flowing sequence of movement both hidari and migi and repeated many times thus ensuring a greater understanding of technique prior to practice of a ten-set kumite exercise.  The techniques applied proved to be very effective with bare hand and, with use of tekko, would be totally destructive.

The kata Maezato included similar movements found in Jion, Jii-in and Kanku Dai.  Maezato is a lovely flowing kata and well worth maintaining practice as a link to extending individual knowledge and progression of karate skills.

The day ended all too soon with all attending karateka fully appreciating the extraordinary knowledge of Sensei Mead and how he inspires all to do their best and beyond.

We will all look forward to the next training with Sensei Mead.

Michaylo Fedyk – Chairman English Shotokan Academy