Lilleshall 2008

108 karateka congregated for the ESA Annual Residential Course at the National Sports Centre, Lilleshall, in August this year. Hard training and some pretty serious socialising ensured that all who attended had a fantastic weekend. 

We asked for feedback from some of those karateka who attended, here are a few of the responses we received ........


Q. What were your impressions of the Lilleshall venue and what did you think of the training facilities?

"Very smart, welcoming, clean and tidy, plenty of space and a great floor."


"Beautiful surroundings shared with a nice group of people."

Q. What was your favourite thing about the course?

"The diversity of the instruction, the different types of methodology used by each instructor and the stories they used to get the points over."

"The friendly atmosphere and how everyone is made to feel welcome."

Q. Please summarise your experience of the ESA Residential Course.

" Very friendly, all of the people training are there to learn. I saw no 'chips' on any shoulders. Very good all round performance."

"The course at Lilleshall offers the opportunity to have 3 days of quality training at a venue that caters for our eating and social requirements. It is great not to have to travel once you are there."

 "The company, environment and attitude was First Class. The training was superb and the instruction second to none. The information was given in a clear and appropriate way.

All in all well organised, good facilities, world class instruction and excellent value for money."

"This year's course was better than ever, each instructor offering something different and very beneficial to all grades. I thought the course was fantastic and hope it continues for many years to come."