Andy Woolveridge

Personal Profile

Andy started training at Cleckheaton Shotokan Karate Club in October 2003 at the tender age of 39, under senior instructor Sensei Mike Cowburn.  

His training progressed through the years with the achievement of Shodan in August 2011 awarded at Lilleshall by Sensei Dirk Heene, Sensei Michaylo Fedyk and Sensei Geoff Beasley.  

Andy continued to train at Cleckheaton under Sensei Mike Cowburn until 2016 when Sensei Nick Shaw, Sensei Martin Hillam and Andy took over the running of the club.  

Andy, along with Nick & Martin, strives to keep the club alive as they continue to follow the teachings of Shihan Taiji Kase and to endeavour to follow the concept of the founder of the ESA Sensei Steve Cattle and strive to get better.

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