Nick Shaw

Personal Profile

Martial Arts Training History and Background

Aikido Feb 1981 to Oct 1982 Nick first studied Aikido and was impressed with the dynamic, flowing movements of the art, but also wanted to study karate and started training with the KUGB in 1982.

Karate KUGB – Karate Union of Great Britain: Trained Jan 1982 to Feb 1985

Nick started training at Cleckheaton Karate Club with Sensei Dave Cowburn. Nick took his first kyu grading with Sensei Enoeda at Leeds. Sensei Mike Cowburn took over the club from his brother Dave and ran it for many years. In 1985 Nick stopped training due to injury and work commitments.

Karate GKR: May 2002 to Dec 2005

Nick always intended to return to karate. He started training again with GKR (Go Kan Ryu) because they accepted younger students and he was able to train with his wife and two young children, who later decided not to continue training. By this time Nick had already started training back at Cleckheaton Karate Club with Sensei Mike Cowburn, and he decided to concentrate his training on Shotokan.

Goshindo Ju Jitsu Trained Jan 2014 to Feb 2016

Nick spent some time training with Goshindo Ju Jitsu which was especially useful in considering practical bunkai applications but had to stop due to work commitments.

Karate ESA: English Shotokan Academy - Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha Cleckheaton Shotokan Karate Club Trained October 2003 to present

Graded 1st Dan 2008

The Cleckheaton club was now with the English Shotokan Academy. Nick had been impressed with the ESA approach and how Sensei Mike Cowburn had taken on the principles of Sensei Kase and taught it back to his students. He trained with Sensei Mike Cowburn until Sensei Cowburn left the club at the end of 2015. It was all agreed by the black belts at the club that Sensei Cowburn would be impossible to replace and that he had been an amazing instructor, but it would be a shame to let the club finish after all the hard work he had put in. With Sensei Cowburn’s encouragement the Cleckheaton black belts wanted the club to carry on and they continue to run the club themselves.

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