Sensei Alan Armstrong 6th Dan

Personal Profile

ESA Founder Member
ESA National Grading Examiner
ESA Executive and Technical Committee Member
KSKA Founder Member


Started Shotokan Karate in 1970 and now holds the rank of Roku Dan (6th Dan).

A founder member of the English Shotokan Academy, he served as Treasurer for 25 years before retiring from the post butremains a member of the Executive & Technical Committees.

He was also a founder member of the Kase-ha Shotokan-ryu Karate-do Academy (KSKA) in 2001, and served as KSKA Treasurer until 2016.

He teaches locally in at the KenZenIchi dojos in Cheltenham & Tewkesbury, nationally on ESA courses and internationally in Sweden, Romania and Serbia.

He is a grading examiner, a qualified referee and holds a senior coaching certificate.

Alan continues to expand his knowledge of Shotokan Karate by travelling widely in Europe to train with other senior instructors in Kase-ha Karate-do

  • 1970 Started Karate
  • 1976 1st Dan – Sensei K Enoeda
  • 1980 2nd Dan – Sensei K Enoeda
  • 1990 3rd Dan – Sensei K Enoeda
  • 1996 4th Dan – Sensei T Kase
  • 2002 5th Dan – Sensei T Kase
  • 2011 6th Dan – KSKA Shihankai