Sensei Ali Bourne 3rd Dan

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Karate at the age of eleven balancing Karate with school and later with a full time job as a farm labourer, it was soon apparent that his passion for Karate was not shared by his employer which resulted in a short spell in the unemployment line, during this time however Ali enjoyed some competition success and continued training until joining the Royal Navy and seeing action in the Falkland Islands. Upon leaving the Royal Navy he again entered the Dojo and resumed training, eventually being persuaded to open his own Dojo in Louth, Akeru Shin was born in 1988 and now at 60 years of age Ali is still at the helm.

After many years of not grading Ali has just taken and passed his 3rd Dan grading at the ESA national residential course at Lilleshall National Sports Centre 18th Aug 2023.