Sensei Nick Shaw 2nd Dan

Personal Profile


Nick first studied Aikido from 1981 until 1982 and then switched to karate, joining Cleckheaton Karate in 1982 under the tuition of Dave Cowburn Sensei and then later with Mike Cowburn Sensei.

Nick trained every session twice a week and took his first karate grading at Sensei Bob Rhodes club in Leeds in 1982 Sensei Enoeda was the examiner.

Nick trained for three years at Cleckheaton Karate and reached 2nd Kyu but stopped training due to an injury. Intending to take a little recovery time away from karate before he returned, time passed and the absence turned into years away from the Dojo due to work commitments. Nick returned to Cleckheaton Karate Club in 2003.

Cleckheaton Karate was now an ESA club and Sensei Mike Cowburn had been inspired by Sensei Steve Cattle and had taken on the principles of Sensei Taji Kase, studying the Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha approach which he relayed back to his students at Cleckheaton.

Sensei Mike Cowburn left the club in 2015 due to work commitments. But it was agreed it would be a shame to let the club disappear after all the hard work he had put in and with Sensei Cowburn’s help and encouragement, the Cleckheaton Karate black belts continued to run the club the club themselves and have ever since.

Cleckheaton Karate was first established in 1972 and is still around today, with Nick and Andy Woolveridge as instructors. We are a friendly club and new members are welcome.

Nick passed his ESA 1st Dan grading in 2008 and passed his ESA 2nd Dan grading In 2019.

Nick also spent some time training with Goshindo Ju Jitsu which was especially useful in considering practical kata applications.