Sensei Steve Thompson 7th Dan

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ESA Technical Committee Member
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KSKA member


Sensei Thompson started his martial arts training at his local Judo club in 1968 when he was 14. He joined the Scarborough Shotokan Karate Club in 1973, and took over as instructor in1976.

Steve became the first Karate black belt in Scarborough in 1977, graded by Keinosuke Enoeda. Enoeda Sensei also graded Steve to 2nd Dan in 1980 and 3rd Dan in 1983. After leaving the Karate Union of Great Britain in 1989 and following Taiji Kase Sensei into the World Karate Do Shotokan Academy, Steve was awarded 4th Dan by Kase Sensei in 1996, and was then told to take 5th Dan in 1998 to bring him up to date! He was awarded 6th Dan in 2006 by the Kase Ha Academy.

Steve has had great success over the years in competitions, winning more than 50 trophies and medals. He won his first trophy in 1975 and is still competing now!

Steve has travelled extensively to many countries to attend training courses with as many top instructors as he can. He was for many years the training partner of the late, great, Steve Cattle 6th Dan, and together they travelled Europe and especially Scandinavia, teaching karate, training on many courses with Kase Sensei, and generally showing everyone how the English Vikings have a good time! Steve is often invited to teach at other clubs both here and abroad. He often teaches in South Africa, and has even taught in Japan.