Kyu Grades

Each Kyu grade is represented by a differently coloured belt, in ascending order.

Grading rules

  • Waiting time between each Kyu grade is a minimum of 3 months training based upon a minimum 3 hours of training per week.
  • Waiting time for 1st Kyu taking Shodan is a minimum of 6 months training
  • All 1st Kyu examination must be taken on an association Black & Brown Belt course
  • For 1st Kyu to be eligible to grade to Shodan a minimum of 2 association
    Black & Brown Belt courses must be trained on during the 12 month period prior to the examination
  • Only persons with a valid licence / record book who has completed the required training period may present for examination
  • Each Kyu grade is represented by a differently coloured belt

Kyu Grade Insignia

White - Kihon + Kata + Kumite
9th Kyu Orange - Kihon + Kata + Kumite
8th Kyu Red - Kihon + Kata + Kumite
7th Kyu Yellow - Kihon + Kata + Kumite
6th Kyu Green - Kihon + Kata + Kumite
5th Kyu Purple - Kihon + Kata + Kumite
4th Kyu Purple White Kihon + Kata + Kumite
3rd Kyu Brown - Kihon + Kata + Kumite
2nd Kyu Brown White Kihon + Kata + Kumite
1st Kyu Brown White x 2 Kihon + Kata + Kumite