KenZenIchi Kase-ha Academy

Welcome to the KenZenIchi Kase-ha Academy (formerly Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Shotokan Academy) is a small, friendly club with a membership age range from 10 to 60+ and one of the oldest karate clubs in Cheltenham, having been around since the early 1970's. The Tewkesbury Dojo was opened in 2012 to provide additional training and to support students from the Tewkesbury area.

We aim to provide a unique experience for people who wish to pursue on both physical & psychological self-improvement, through the practice of Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate-do which is:-

·         A Budo Martial Art deriving its effectiveness from the flow of Ki energy.

·         A complete exercise concept for men & women of all ages based on harmonising the mind & body.

·         A Moving Zen offering a spiritual insight into the human nature and existence.

In our Dojo you will experience a genuine Budo atmosphere learning all aspects of the style:

·         Visualisation, Centralisation and Tanden breathing.

·         Biomechanical stance analysis, rooting and moving skills

·         Breathing exercises to achieve and improve flow of Ki throughout the body.

·         Kumite (sparring) and Bunkai (application) exercises to improve coordination skills and focus 

 ·        A proper strategic approach to self-defence.

Meditation in Motion 

Our karate training is clearly geared toward increased peace and power, both physical and mental with a positive effect in all life situations inside and outside the dojo.

Physical Aspects

The physical aspects of training is characterised by explosiveness and dynamic activity built around each individual's capability. Students are introduced to a clear system of technical exercise where correct breathing, grounding and physical perception contributes to the development of functional strength

Mental Aspects

With the same systematic approach we practise correct mental attitude, characterised by self-respect and a growing ability to implement what you intend, beyond previously perceived limitations. There is a clear link to the eastern philosophy concerning healthy and invigorating approaches to life but in line with modern medical and neuroscience.


Beginners are welcome at any time. Beginners get a basic education in all aspects of the karate system during the first year. The training is offered three times a week and you need attend least two of these in order progress and develop. Experienced Karateka are also welcome.


Our instructor, Alan Armstrong 6th Dan, has 46 years of experience in this dynamic, demanding but meditatively oriented form of karate. He has a unique, well founded knowledge & experience-based insight into what the practice can provide, paired with a strong pedagogical approach that enables him to give clear, precise instructions to assist every student to fulfil their physical and mental potential.

We offer a unique way to holistic practice.

KenZenIchi Kase-ha Academy (Tewkesbury)

Tewkesbury Sports Centre, Tewkesbury School, Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 8DF

Telephone: 01684 773022 / 07789 503594


KenZenIchi Kase-ha Academy (Cheltenham)

St Mary's Mission Hall, Churchill Memorial Gardens, Lower High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3JA

Telephone: 01684 773022 / 07789 503594