Sensei Richard Duignan 5th Dan

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Richard started training in 1973 at the Keidokwai Karate club

The Keidokwai, as well as being one of the oldest clubs in the UK also produced the first KUGB champion.

As a loyal student of Sensei Steve Cattle, Richard followed his teacher and joined the ESA at it’s inception in the early 90s. Richard graded to 1st Dan with Sensei Enoeda presiding during the famous Cristal Palace residential training event.

Richard graded to 3rd Dan with Senseis Kase and Shirai.

In the period since starting Richard has trained with many Senseis  incliduni Kase, Kanazawa, Shirai, Tomita, Asano, Sherry, Poynton, Tsuyama, Naito, Kato, Heene, Mead, O’Neill, Fedyk, Brennan and many more leading Japanese and Western Karate Ka.

Richard has competed in many national and regional tournaments, winning medals and trophies but considers one of his highlights as competing in the team that was placed in the ESA team kumite final.

Richard continues to train and teach at the Fylde Karate Academy, imparting the knowledge gathered over a nearly 50 year period.


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